Cool Stuff: Apps Catholics Should Have

Well, it looks like I have time for some posts. So here’s a quick run down on apps Catholics should have:

iMissal ($4.99)

Costs some money, but it doesn’t need an internet connection! It shows the fulls calendar with readings, and an option to follow the actual Missal. Especially helpful if you’re out of the country

Laudate (Free)

A highly detailed app with Mass readings, prayers, Bibles (with choice of translation!), and Vatican documents like Sacrosanctum Concilium, Lumen Gentium, and Humanae Vitae. It even has  the Missal for the Extraordinary Form! Overall a very helpful app, but many of its links require data or internet to access.

iBreviary (Free)

As the name says, it is a portable Breviary. Also comes with other prayers, but it needs data and internet to update. Still pretty cool to use.

iPieta ($0.99)

A must have if you follow the Extraordinary Form. Comes with prayers, Bibles, and the option to switch between Novus Ordo and Vetus Ordo readings. Also, for the EF readings, there is an option even for side by side English/Latin. Overall very user friendly.

After checking these apps, don’t forget to go to Mass!

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