Post Retreat: Lent Day 6, AKA “I is tired”

Oh, post-retreat. Talk about mental and physical exhaustion. Got back home last night around 2 AM- ish. Did homework til 3, then passed out. I went to my morning class, but I was too tired to go to my next class. Ended up running into my friend and Bible study partner in the hallway after class, and she was too exhausted for her class too, so we left the Business School building together. Feeling sorry for skipping class, I went to daily Mass, and that was spiritually rejuvenating as always. After that, I went to the bookstore and passed out on a chair. For 3 hours. Longest nap of my life. Then I woke up and went to choir rehearsal. Alas, there is an exam to study for, but oh well. Such is life.

Collect: convert us, O God our Savior, and instruct our minds by heavenly teaching, that we may benefit from the works of Lent.

CSA today:


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