Lent Day 10

Collect: Grant that your faithful, O Lord, we pray, may be so comforted to the paschal observances, that the bodily discipline now solemnly begun may bear fruit in the souls of all.

Ah, Friday. T’was another day of class, then daily Mass. Because I can only attend daily Mass on Tuesdays and Fridays due to my class schedule, I look forward to Fridays. It was another intense homily with the added bonus of feeling bad for the Pharisees, who were well intentioned, but missed the point. I suppose that’s why we are called to love everyone around us; some may be well intentioned, but they may be missing the point of the entire thing, and it is through our witness of Christian love that all may know the goodness of the Lord. After that, I had work, which was still busy, then I saw some good friends perform tonight. T’was a good day. On another note, vodka pineapple juice. Enough said.

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