Random Musings: The Ideal Wedding Mass

So in my head, sometimes I wonder how my wedding Mass (or anyone else’s wedding Mass for that matter) would look like. I don’t know who I’m marrying of course lol, but I do picture how it will sound and look. Anyway, here’s the first draft of my imagination:

Church: St. Peter’s in New Brunswick

Form: Ordinary Form but with the altar pushed back for ad orientem with the high altar

Minimum of 9 altar servers

Music: 12 man schola, mixed SATB choir, brass quintet, chamber orchestra with timpani, pipe organ

Propers: chants from the Roman Gradual

Mass Setting: Missa de Angelis

Processional: organ improvisation on the Thaxted by Gustav Holst

Alleluia: Festival Alleluia by James Chepponis

Offertory: A Covenant Prayer by Dan Forrest

Communion: Communion Chant then Ave Maria by Franz Biebl

Recessional: Anthem of Dedication by Warren Martin

Well, ’tis my imagination. Gotta listen to more music lol

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