Lent Day 14

Collect: Guard your Church, we pray, O Lord, in your unceasing mercy, and, since without you, mortal humanity is sure to fall, may we be kept by your constant helps from all harm and directed to all that brings salvation.

Tuesdays are just one of those busy, yet not really exhausting days for me. It’s class, Mass, work, then a break, then Spirit Night. Though for this case, a group of us didn’t go to Spirit Night because in attempting to get free pancakes, we instead went out for unlimited appetizers at TGI Fridays. Still got to chill with friends post Spirit Night though.

‘Twas a good time.

I think we can all agree that snow, then sleet, then rain sucks. I love winter, but when it is messy like this, it’s just annoying. Plus, the recycle bins are frozen to the ground! Looks like those cans are staying there for another 2 weeks lol. Well, we are halfway there in the week.

Have a blessed Lent

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