Late Stuff: Lent Day 18

Collect: O God, who grant us by glorious healing remedies while still on earth to be partakers of the things of heaven, guide us, we pray, through this present life and bring us to that light in which you dwell.

Now last Saturday was a really busy day. Some friends and I went to New York City just in time for the 1 pm Daily Mass in the Extraordinary Form in the Church of the Holy Innocents. It is a beautiful church, and the only church in New York that offers the Extraordinary Form daily. Not just that, the daily Mass was a High Mass; the schola chanted the ordinary and propers beautifully.

In the old calendar, Saturday was the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, and the Gospel was the parable of the Prodigal Son. The homily was on reconciliation. God will forgive anyone of all they commit, but only if they want that forgiveness. As such, let us not let the world or the evil one cloud our judgment of ourselves. We are unworthy, but because of the Crucifixion, we have been made worthy, so let us not lose sight in that.

After Mass, we met up with my cousin, and had Japanese curry for lunch, which to be honest does not even seem like your normal fare curry, but to me it is better than every other curry. Boiled eggs seem to complement it really well. We then had some dango and then saw the Hong Kong Dance Company perform The Legend of Mulan. They were beautiful as well.

We ended the night with poutine and bubble tea, which were both about 30 minutes away from the train station by subway, but holy crap it was all worth it. Unfortunately, because of daylight savings, I got home at about 3:45 am. It was a long day, but it was fun.

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