Late Stuff: Lent Day 35

Collect: Grant us, we pray, O Lord, perseverance in obeying your will, that in our days the people dedicated to your service may grow in both merit and number.

Once again, going back into the life that is school and work. Daily Mass was on remembering why Jesus died on the cross. Like the Israelites who were healed by looking at the bronze serpent on a pole, we are healed as he focus ourselves on Jesus on the Cross. By reminding ourselves what is the punishment for sin, we can cleanse ourselves of temptation and become more like God, by loving more fully.

Spirit night was on vocations. We are each called to serve in our own unique way, a way God calls for us to be more authentically ourselves. As we get into the Feast of the Annunciation, let us be open to God’s will for us and pray to discern that will and continue to serve others.

Have a blessed Lent.

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