Random Musings: On Vestments (or Putting on the Armor of God)

There’s something really cool about going to a Mass and seeing a well vested priest. And I mean, nothing held back, well vested. Like, looks freakin cool. Like, you’d want a squad of them in case an army of demons were charging at you, armed with crucifix swords, wearing birettas, and their copes blowing in the wind, but I digress.

Maybe this is why I love going to the Extraordinary Form. Their vestments look so cool! Heck, even a fully decked out subdeacon looks awesome, especially when he wears the cope during the consecration. It’s something you never see in an Ordinary Form Mass (at least in my experience of serving in it)

Another cool thing are the prayers the priest wear as they put on their vestments (I’ll put them in English)

I. Amice

Place upon me, O Lord, the helmet of salvation, that I may overcome the assaults of the devil.

II. Alb

Purify me, O Lord, and cleanse my heart; that, being made white in the Blood of the Lamb, I may come to eternal joy.

III. Cincture

Gird me, O Lord, with the girdle of purity, and extinguish in me all evil desires, that the virtue of chastity may abide in me.

IV. Maniple

Grant, O Lord, that I may so bear the maniple of weeping and sorrow, that I may receive the reward for my labors with rejoicing.

V. Stole

Restore unto me, O Lord, the stole of immortality, which was lost through the guilt of our first parents: and, although I am unworthy to approach Your sacred Mysteries, nevertheless grant unto me eternal joy.

VI. Chasuble or Cope

O Lord, Who said: My yoke is easy and My burden light: grant that I may bear it well and follow after You with thanksgiving. Amen.

*For Deacons, the Dalmatic

Lord, endow me with the garment of salvation, the vestment of joy, and with the dalmatic of justice ever encompass me.

Our priests vest not for us or themselves, but for the greater glory of God. The love we have for beauty and reverence is not the love for a priest or a building, but our love for God’s creation.  Priests are in persona Christi during Mass, but they are still human like us.

Let us pray for them as they continue to lead us to the light of the East as we continue with this Holy Week.

5 days til Vigil

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