Easter Vigil/Sunday

Collect (Vigil): O God, who make this most sacred night radiant with the glory of the Lord’s Resurrection, stir up in your Church a spirit of adoption, so that, renewed in body and mind, we may render you undivided service.

We made it! Lent is over. Christ is risen. The Vigil Mass at St. Peter’s was one of the most moving I have ever been to. Singing in the choir was incredible. Everyone was truly joyful for this.

We are sinners, but we are beloved sinners. We owe a debt to God beyond what we are able to repay, but he sent his only Son to die for us and so that debt is forgiven. Let us continue living our lives to glorify the Lord and serve others.

I got home at 2 am and chilled with my brother til 4 am. Luckily today, we got to sleep in and spend some time with family and friends. That is always awesome

Next up, Pentecost.

Gotta get to a Latin Mass soon. I miss it.

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