Late Stuff: Seventh Sunday of Easter

Collect: Graciously hear our supplications, O Lord, so that we, who believe that the Savior of the human race is with you in your glory, may experience, as he promised, until the end of the world, his abiding presence among us.

So Fr. James celebrated the Mass I attended for the Seventh Sunday of Easter and he gave one of the most excellent homilies I have ever heard, and is probably the best homily I’ve heard in the Ordinary Form.

He first proclaimed that God is love, and that is the truth. The Church proclaims God’s love and it is through us that we show love. Jesus is that truth, and everything has to be centered around that truth.

However, he lamented that this ’64 (the Second Vatican Council), there has been much confusion over the truth. Catechesis has suffered in the past 50 years and pews are emptying because Catholics don’t know the truth. He talked about his current work of teaching theology and morality at a nearby Catholic High School for boys and how no one even knows what is right or wrong or why some things are right or wrong.

We as Catholics have to know and live our faith. If we don’t know something, we must ask someone who knows the answer. Let us not be deceived by the world and media that hates us.

We must look at the faith of the disciples and Apostles, men and women who doubted the future, but with faith, went forward to spread the good news.

We have to follow the rules set out by the Church because those rules are what leads us to higher love.

Let us continue to learn and continue to love so that by our example, the world knows of Christ’s love.

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