Late Stuff: The Vigil of Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

*Note: In the Extraordinary Form, Pentecost has its own Octave, so I suppose in a way, this isn’t that late lol

Collect: Praesta, quaesumus, omnipotens Deus: ut claritatis tuae super nos splendor effulgeat; et lux tuae lucis corda eorum, qui per gratiam tuam renati sunt, Sancti Spiritus illustratione confirmet.

Grant, we beseech Thee, O almighty God, that the brightness of Thy glory may shine forth upon us; and the light of Thy light by the illumination of the Holy Ghost, may confirm the hearts of those who have been born again by Thy grace.

So for the Vigil of Pentecost, some friends and I attended a Solemn High Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Jersey City. Attending were clergy from the Archdiocese of Newark, the FSSP, and the ICKSP. The Mass setting was  Haydn’s Missa Brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo.

The church itself was one of the most beautiful churches I have seen in the US. It is a hidden gem of Jersey City. It added to the already sublime beauty that is the Extraordinary Form.

When music, architecture, and liturgy are all blended together for the sole purpose of worshiping God, one experiences transcendence.

The homilist was an FSSP priest for a chapel up in Pequannock. He preached on how the Holy Spirit continues to bless us, and how one of the most visible signs of his blessings is the Mass. The Holy Spirit is always in the Mass, just as the Body and Blood of Christ is present in the Eucharist. What easier way is there to experience and receive God’s blessings by opening one’s self to the liturgy? God will bless those who ask for his blessings and are completely open to him.

So often do we stray and think and act for ourselves when we should rather think and act for others and God. We must be continually nourished by the Holy Spirit every time we enter into the liturgy. The Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian life (CCC 1324). Let us thank the Holy Spirit for the gift of Holy Mother Church and let us continue spreading the good news, no matter what the obstacles before us.

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