Cool Stuff: Russia and Rome Meet

So if you like keeping track of Church current events, today was quite a historic day.

For the first time in history, the Roman Pope met with the Orthodox Patriarch of Russia.

This is important because one of the things we must pray for as Catholics is unity among the Apostolic Churches. The Apostolic Churches all have real and valid Sacraments, and can all trace themselves back to the Apostles, but we are all separated from each other, due to unfortunate circumstances.

Russia is important because they are the largest of the Orthodox Churches, and therefore the 2nd largest of the Apostolic Churches.

While unity will probably not happen in my lifetime, I do sincerely hope for unity relatively soon. 2054 will mark 1000 years since the Great Schism.

1000 years of separation is too long, especially when Jesus himself commanded that “They may all be one.”

The Orthodox are the Eastern lung of the Church. We are the Western lung. For over 1000 years we were together expressing the truth in our own unique ways.

For over 1000 years we were the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

And so I urge us Latins to learn of our Eastern brethren. Experience the other Divine Liturgies that can trace themselves to Church Fathers and Apostles.

Learn the fullness of the faith and the many ancient ways it can be expressed.

Learn all of this so that one day, we may all be one.


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