On CCD and the State of the Family

So today, I attended a mini-retreat for my parish’s CCD teachers. I currently teach 8th grade and prepare kids of Confirmation.

Perhaps one of the common things us teachers lamented together is the poor state of the domestic church, simply meaning that the faith is not given the support it needs at home. For example, my students want to go to Mass, but their parents do not take them to church.

This only makes me wonder why they are bringing their children to CCD in the first place.

Catechists can only do so much, but if what we teach is not fostered in the home, what fruit can it bear?

Family is a vocation; it is the only vocation that physically lends to the future. And like all vocations, Christ has to be the center of that. Parents have the awe-inspiring calling to prepare the future, for the Church starts in the family.

I can only hope that those of us called to family life do our best to teach the faith, even in the little things. You do not have to have a degree in theology to teach the faith. All we need to do is embody Christ’s love with our spouse and continually show it to our children.

In the meantime, us catechists will do our best.

And if you may, please pray for us and our students.

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