Fourth Sunday of Lent, or Let’s Take a Break

Collect: O God, who through your Word reconcile the human race to yourself in a wonderful way, grant, we pray, that with prompt devotion and eager faith the Christian people may hasten toward the solemn celebrations to come.

Laetare, Ieursalem!

Rejoice, O Jerusalem!

We are now past the halfway point of Lent.

Holy Mother Church asks us to rejoice! But why during this season of Lent?

We rejoice because this is now the time we step back and examine how Lent has been for us.

If you promised yourself to do something, or if you are lacking in your own personal fasts, this is the time to rejoice!

Because you now know that you cannot do this along; you can only do this by the grace of God.

If you are one of the blessed ones who have kept your Lenten promises, rejoice!

Because God has given you the grace to do more.

We take this to take a step back and look at ourselves in the context of eternity.

Are we truly preparing ourselves for the coming of Christ?

Can we do more to spread the love of Christ to others?

Can we do more to show the people around us what is true, Christian love?

In the end, this is our calling.

Let us take a step back, and see how it is we can properly love.

Let us take a step back, and see how much it is God loves us.

And then may we move forward, nourished by the same very love we are called to spread.

May we move forward for Christ is coming.


Have a blessed Lent.

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