Spy Wednesday, or Are we Judas?

Today is Spy Wednesday, traditionally the day when we believe that Judas made the bargain with the High Priest to betray Christ.

I am not going to get into why Judas chose to betray Christ. Today also happens to be the day Christ was anointed with an expensive jar of perfume by the woman in Bethany. The only person who questioned this was Judas, who asked why is Christ being anointed when the perfume could have been sold for silver for the poor.

As we approach the Triduum, these three Holy Days, let us ask ourselves “In what ways are we Judas?”

In what ways do we reason ourselves into betraying Christ and justifying our sin?

In what ways do we question Christ and God’s promises for us?

Let us meditate on that as we strive to perfect ourselves waiting for Christ’s return.

Easter is coming. Let us be ready.

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